This New High Tech Military Drone Is Finally Available to the Public…

13/07/2024 | by Julian Lehman

SUMMARY: Everyone knows the military likes to keep the best tech to themselves for as long as possible. This small helicopter drone is no exception. But now the contract is up and the company can sell it to whomever they please. And that means us. The normal people who want the most durable, advanced and light drone on the market.  You can now get Your StealthHawk Pro 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Do you hate drones that flies for twenty minutes and needs a rotor blade replacement from the slightest brush with a tree branch? Do you want a drone that is so reliable it has the stamp of approval to protect soldiers in the field? Do you miss the days where devices were self-contained and didn’t need to rely on awkward apps and your ever depleted phone battery? Well then you can just stop reading and skip over to the “how to get it” section because any additional explanations would not be necessary.

You lugged around that heavy suitcase that is for some reason 4 times bigger than the drone inside. The stupid app took forever to start actually working. You got it in the air. It flew for like 20 minutes and you think you brushed against a bush on the way back but the way the drone looks you’d think you crashed it into wall.

That is what we call a “consumer” drone. The cheap stuff that gets made with the idea of “tough luck. You’d just have to buy a new one.”

But really, what can we do about it? It’s not like we can get one of those super durable, super reliable drones soldiers use on the battlefield for our own personal use. Right? Well…


What Are We Talking About?

They call it the StealthHawk Pro. A military grade micro helicopter drone that is barely the size of your hand that was produced exclusively for military use by ground troops and Special Forces that needed a silent eye in the sky. Until now.

Made to withstand battlefield conditions, the StealthHawk Pro is a fully independent device. No need for a phone or some uneeded app with micro transactions and ads. It’s like one of those remote control helicopters you had as a kid, except this one is not a toy. The StealthHawk Pro is a very, very powerful tool.

Top secret military tech made available for consumer use? We just had to try one of these…


But what makes StealthHawk Pro so special?

The military, generally speaking, does not want its hardware to stop working in the middle of combat. It’s very bad for health. And that’s why they ask companies to make things to their strict specifications. We, the common people, almost never get to see these amazing pieces of tech in action, let alone use them ourselves. But not anymore.
The StealthHawk Pro is remarkably tiny for a drone, can endure some of the most adverse conditions that would make other drones literally crash and burn on takeoff, and it does so almost completely silently. We actually had it flying over one of our office member’s heads and he didn’t even notice it.
More importantly, this is a military drone, meaning the signal is encrypted so that no one can hack in the middle of it and see your videos, and the range far outmatches any of the Bluetooth nonsense on the market.
Listing all the features this incredible piece of tech boasts would take us all day, so here are the highlights:
Super small and portable. Weighs less than 33 grams!
Both day and night-vision modes
4K Ultra HD Camera with encrypted high range wifi transmition
Up to 25 minutes flight time
Incredibly durable. Can fly in light rain, in extreme temperatures and winds of up to 20 knots.
Both GPS and non-GPS vision based navigation for indoor flight.
No need for a phone or an app, a completely self-contained device.
Almost completely silent
Encrypted signal so no one else can hack into your videos
Up to 2km signal range!
The military only want the best of the best, and the StealthHawk Pro definitely is just that. Flying it really does feel like you’re handling cutting edge piece of military hardware.

How Much does the StealthHawk Pro Cost?

Ok so we can buy this fancy piece of military hardware. But it will probably cost a premium only the army can afford right? Wrong. The regular price of the StealthHawk Pro is a mere $ 298. But with the civilian launch of the product, the company (which has long since made more than its money back) decided to go with a big splash, releasing it to the public with a massive sale of 50% off and free international shipping! You can now get your StealthHawk Pro for just $ 149.
If you’re a fan of drones, tech, military gadgets or just want to have something actually reliable, the StealthHawk Pro really is one of the most impressive gadgets we’ve seen this year. Get it while it’s still on sale!

But don’t just take our word for it! These people are already enjoying flying the stealthhawk pro:

“I swear this thing might as well be made of vibranium. I think I crashed it like four times and it keeps on working like nothing happened. An amazing piece of tech.”

“When’s the last time you’ve seen a drone with proper night-vision mode? You haven’t, and neither have my friends. I’ve been taking some awesome night videos with this little guy. Worth every penny.”

“I got this one specifically because of its indoors flight capabilities. I tried taking aerial shots of the school basketball games with a regular drone but it became a health hazard reaaaaal quick. No such problems with this little guy. And people don’t even notice it’s there!”


Conclusion: Should You Get the StealthHawk Pro?

Did you just skip to this part? Yes. 100%. It is a remarkable cutting edge piece of military hardware that outclasses any civilian drone in its weight class. And to top it all off it’s on sale half off?! This is a no brainer deal right here. Get it before the sale ends!


  • Easy to use
  • 4K Ultra HD Camera
  • Super light weight
  • No need for any extra devices or apps
  • Durable and flyable indoors
  • 25 minute fly time on a single charge


  • Supplies are very limited, may be running out of stock soon


How Do I Get the StealthHawk Pro?

Now that you know the military can’t hog their top notch tech forever, you must be itching to try one of these out for yourself, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original StealthHawk Pro from the official website here.
  2. Send it into the air and be amazed at what you can see, day or night.

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